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The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition is pleased to announce the release of its 2008 GENIUS Survey in partnership with Ernst & Young. GenderPAC works to ensure that classrooms, communities and workplaces are safe for everyone to learn, grow and succeed.

The Gender Equality National Index for Universities & Schools (GENIUS), GenderPAC’s most recent effort to end discrimination and promote awareness, encourages colleges and universities to recognize the benefits of a GenderSAFE campus - supportive equitable and protective for all students. Choosing to participate in GENUIS sends a strong public statement that bullying or discriminating based on the race, sex or gender of a student, faculty, or staff member is not tolerated at your institution

Fill out the survey at: www.gpac.org/GENIUS2008survey, and make sure that we have data for as many schools as possible. Your voice will help us continue to work towards a safe and welcoming environment for every student

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hey i just just joined
seeing as im here i may as well introduce myself

im chris 14 gay blah blah blah
only had one bf who was a right wanker but he was still all that was on my mind for so fuckin long loved him he dumped me i developed depression and self harmed but on the brighter side now ive been that low im never going there again(im not talkin below the belt)
well anyway
all my m8s helped me out and im ok now i think so hello and thanks for accepting me!

no pics yet

luv ya all and until next time
team gay

Coming Out

Back in November, I decided I could no longer limit myself to my friends. When I was around them, I had to follow boundries that I had set. I determined it was time to break them down. By then, most of my very close and other gay friends knew, but I decided it was time to tell the world [via my other journal that everyone reads], minus my family. All of my other friends who don't read my LJ, I just went ahead and let them know, whether it be flat out, or just talking about guys or what have you. Most of them already knew (i'm a pretty big flamer, they'd have to be blind not to see it coming) or had suspicion

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Ello ello

Hi, name's Joneleth/Dylan take your pick. I'm seventeen, Gay, Male, umm a bit overweight and that's it, and if this picture works that's me in a nutshell. Better picture later, also one minor detail I have D.I.D. or disociative idenity disorder. Or I have another person in my head.


Hey everybody :)

I’m really glad I decided to join this community because it has really good potential… but when you said you wanted this to be a really respected community, does that mean no nudity ;)

I was also wondering what sort of stuff we were supposed to post in this community… political, personal, interesting things. Just let me know.

Oh by the way I’m Eddie, and I think I’m your first Canadian member J



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hey ya'll !
im new hereee!
im gay and all (obviously seeing as ive just joined this community :P)
im in da u.k (unfortunatly) LOL

just to say helloooooooow an all that!


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In just 3 weeks the U.S. Senate will come to a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment in support of or against President Bush's attempt to write discrimination into the U.S. Constitution. This critical moment in our nation's history will determine the future of GLBT rights so take action now and make your voice heard. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Contact your Senators Now:

Support marriage equality for all by signing the Human Rights Campaign's Million for Marriage Petition:

Pass the message along, participation is crucial!!
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