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Subject:Coming Out
Time:11:03 am
Back in November, I decided I could no longer limit myself to my friends. When I was around them, I had to follow boundries that I had set. I determined it was time to break them down. By then, most of my very close and other gay friends knew, but I decided it was time to tell the world [via my other journal that everyone reads], minus my family. All of my other friends who don't read my LJ, I just went ahead and let them know, whether it be flat out, or just talking about guys or what have you. Most of them already knew (i'm a pretty big flamer, they'd have to be blind not to see it coming) or had suspicion

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The Truth
I'm gay. Yes, homosexual. Rainbows. That's the easier way to get the point across. And no, I'm not a drag queen or a man that is trapped in a woman's body. If you were unsuspecting (how could you not have been?) your mouth is probably wide open and you have already re-read the first few sentences a couple times. Or, you knew but you never told me and you're laughing your ass of because you're right. I decided that now is the time to "come clean" with that fact for those of my better friends who don't know. I wasn't lying to you, just keeping some parts of me in the shadow. Ever since like friggin' 7th or 8th people have always asked if I was gay, and I would reply with a no. Why? Because I did not want to be different. But now that I'm older, I've realized how much of an individual I actually am. I've traveled to some parts of the world, some parts alone, I flew a plane at the age of 14, while simutaneously studying an alternative-healing practice. I'm well evolved beyond my peers in my thinking process. I'm changing and becoming more comfortable in my own skin and identifying with myself on another level. I've come to the realization that being different isn't really different at all. We're all different in our own unique ways, some more unique than others.

For those of you who are uncomfortable with this new information (and I can only think of one person who would be). Essentially, I'm still the same fun guy who you used to hang out with and talk to about whatever. I'm still the person who you can come to for advice or help. I'm still Patrick. I won't get into the religous aspects of being gay, because I definetly don't have the mind-set to right about that right now. But, the basis of all proper religon is LOVE, unconditional love for each and every one of god's creations.

If I lose any of you as a friend, or if our friendship deteriates because of that fact that I'm gay, will really upset me because that just confirms the fact that we weren't really friends anyway. I'm still the same person.

Post any questions, concerns, or appreciation here or you know my e-mail.

The door's cracked, now I just have to let my family know eventually.


2004-11-28 09:44 (link)
I love you so much Patrick! *big hug* Yer totally awesome.
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2004-11-28 10:16 (link)
Patrick, you finally came out. Honestly, I'm not surprised at all. Yes, I'm one of the peeps who knew already but won't bring it up to you...i just didn't know how you would feel if I did. I'll let you know that our friendship will never change. No matter what you are...gay, straight, blue, purple, etc....you're still the same Patrick to me. That same guy I love to talk and hang out with. Yeah, I'm like one of the most open-minded people ever...

As far as your family goes...sure it's gonna be hard for them hearin that..esp if they're super religious...but they'll still love you! It'll be sad if they will just look at you because of your sexuality instead of you as a son, brother, etc. Let's just hope for the best

If you need a shoulder to cry on or anything...just know that Evy will be there for you. I'm so proud of you man :)

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2004-11-28 12:32 (link)
You know I hate you for being gay. ;)

You know I'm kidding... but I'm proud of you for coming out to some more people. And you're right - those who end up leaving you because you're gay weren't friends to begin with.

But know I love you, kid. ^_^ I don't know what I'd ever do without you! *hugs*
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2004-11-28 17:05 (link)
Well, you know me - I've always said I'm against gay marriage and stuff like that. I don't think anything bad about you really. I dunno how other people take it that I'm against same sex marriage. But I think it's messed up to be against gay people, cus like you said, it's just some people's'ses own way.

We still need to play some Halo 2, lol.
"The bird has left the coop"
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This is Sarah-- from school
2004-11-29 17:58 (link)
Good job meh love
mwah mwah
And ever since i met you i knew you were either bi or gay and i had the balls enough to ask you haha. You are a fucking strong person and i wish you the best in finding your love :)
:: hug ::
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My backpack's got jets. Well, I'm Boba the Fett.
2004-11-29 18:34 (link)
I think it's funny how the biggest shock to me was,


And about letting your family know.. The thong thing, dude. The thong thing.

I <3 you, Rainbow Boy.


It would be awesome.

Oh man.

I'm talking to you in IM right now about the crazy plane thing!

DID YOU HIT ANYTHING?! What would happen if you hit a bird?

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2004-11-30 06:14 (link)

LOL :) Love you sweetie. *Pats Patrick on the back* ... I didn't even know some people didn't know. Anyway, you got balls ... I'm proud of you.
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2005-02-20 19:43 (link)
Yeah, I went through your archive looking for this...and I'd have to say, Bravo. When a person can come out and not be ashamed of who they are, and not hide who they are and be proud of it is really something. It's admirable. Perhaps your tired of hearing all of it, but as your ex-girlfriend, I must say something. Baha! I love ya Patrick. I'm glad we're back in touch, and hopefully we can talk more.
Btw- if you're interested, we could meet up in Charleston because I use to work at a gay club there. ;)

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